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Bryan Ritchie -Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur and Leader of Leaders

Title: Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur and Leader of Leaders


In this episode, we welcome Bryan Ritchie, CEO of Simple Blockchain Applications (SIMBA). He brings 35 years in tech company development. Incubated over 400 companies. Bryan has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies. Professor of Economics, and he holds several other board roles!

We will learn about Bryan, including

✅ His views on how he helps companies achieve milestones on their path to success.
✅ His journey of entrepreneurship and leadership, how he turns failure to success
✅ Remote work and the change the way work force is transitioning
✅ How he describes accountability with aligned engagement, and even doing that remotely
✅ How he promotes and embeds a culture of learning from failures and successes

Name: Bryan Ritchie

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Organisation: SIMBA Chain

Bio : – 

I have started two technology companies, spent 10 years in the computer software/hardware industry, have extensive experience in economic development in Southeast Asia and the Midwest United States, have experience in alternative energy and biofuels startups, funding, and operation, and have extensive involvement in university/industry linkages and partnerships. I have worked with over 150 companies, ranging from Fortune 50 all the way to new startups and have had success at all of these levels.