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Having difficult conversations at the workplace
Reasons Why It Is Important to Have Difficult Conversations Now

Conflict is normal at the workplace. But, letting those conflicts go unresolved by avoiding difficult conversations can lead to costly consequences for any business. Keeping that in mind, here, we are going to talk about why business owners should encourage having difficult conversations early on at times of conflict or crisis. Helps Mitigate Stress Avoiding…

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How to Transition from Haphazard to Fact-Based Decision-Making during Mergers and Acquisitions

Dealing with Today’s Complex Challenges that Shape the Future of a Company   In 2020, the transactions that made it to the global M&A league tables based on deal value were that of Goldman Sachs ($31M), JP Morgan ($20), and BofA Securities Inc. ($19M). However, these pale in comparison to pre-COVID times, where we witnessed mammoth M&A…

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How to Keep a Focused Mindset in Times of Crisis?

Author: Steven Paul For any business owner, regardless of the size of their business or industry, current global events, economic crisis, and a global pandemic can easily weigh one down, forcing a business owner to keep working towards a solution to the point of exhaustion, and that too does not guarantee that your business will…

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